Loan bad credit -Get a loan with bad credit online

Get a loan with bad credit online

You can easily make a bad credit loan request online killer kash website. There are moments in life that require immediate action. Unfortunately, there is often money involved in those moments and you do not always have that in mind. For such situations, you can apply for this loan. You can apply for such credit for a small amount of a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1500 euros as a matter of urgency and often look into your account the same day. It allows you to settle an invoice immediately, pay for a repair, or purchase a necessary product. Easily arranged online and without having to wait long for approval from the lender.

Personal advice in an urgent situation

Not everyone makes wise decisions in a stressful situation. Is that often the case with you too? Then it is advisable to first contact someone who can provide you with reliable personal advice before applying for an urgent loan. At Creditmash, financial experts are at your service, who are used to mediating between consumers and lenders. They can tell you what to look out for and help you make the right choice. An urgently requested mini-loan does not have to be a hasty decision. A small pass on the spot can save you a lot of trouble. Creditmash assists you with clear advice so that you can borrow responsibly.

Take action online quickly

Fortunately, the days that you had to physically appear in a bank branch to negotiate a credit application are far behind us. Nowadays you can take quick action online by directly requesting a mini loan on the site of the provider of your choice. The required information is neatly listed for you and the conditions can be read on the spot. If you have made an urgent request, you will receive a response in no time and you will know what your options are. You will be offered a quote that you only have to approve to receive the desired amount. In nine out of ten cases you have the money in your bank account the same working day. Requests during the weekend are usually processed on the next working day.

Also, get rid of your loan quickly

The big advantage of a mini loan is not only that you can dispose of your money in the very short term. It is just as nice that you can get rid of it quickly. For a mini loan up to an amount of around 500 euros, you can count on a duration of 15 to 30 days. In this period you can repay the amount in installments or in full. Of course, you owe interest on the money you borrowed, but given that these are relatively small amounts, this will not cost you much. In most cases, a monthly salary is sufficient to meet your obligations. Have you borrowed a higher amount? Then the repayment term is also extended. For an amount of 1500 euros, you have approximately two months.

Credit without 2 applicants

In Germany it’s easy to get a loan. Various types of credit, loan amounts, terms and repayment methods are offered. For a layperson, this is sometimes quite confusing. Especially if he is not looking for a special loan, but only wants a loan without 2 applicants. We have summarized here how this wish can be put into practice.

This is how a loan can look like without 2 applicants

This is how a loan can look like without 2 applicants

A loan without a second applicant is not uncommon and is granted very often. It is always important that the existing credit rating matches the loan request.

Many loans of this type are simple installment loans up to a loan amount of $ 10,000. The banks and savings banks are quite relaxed with such sums and see only a limited risk of default if these sums are raised without a second applicant.

A car loan or a consumer loan can also be taken out without a second applicant. Here, the financed things count as security, so that in the event of a default, the bank has enough options to attach.

If a real estate loan is desired as a loan without 2 applicants, the applicant must provide good reasons. Especially when a high loan amount is sought. A good reason could be, for example, employment in the civil service or an official position.

The self-employed and freelancers, on the other hand, have little chance of taking out a loan without a second applicant. They do not have a fixed income and therefore cannot provide sufficient security.

These requirements must be met for a loan without 2 applicants

If only a single applicant is to take out a loan, it is important that the applicant can meet all the requirements that banks in Germany place on lending.

This primarily includes a fixed income, which is so high that it is above the garnishment allowance. For individuals, this is currently stated at 1,100 USD. The income must also come from a permanent position that has existed for at least six months. Income and employment relationship must be documented with the relevant documents.

In addition, the individual borrower must have a positive Credit Bureau. This means that there can be no default. Furthermore, there must not be too many existing loan agreements so that the income generated is sufficient to settle the new debt. The funding institution will check the Credit Bureau and its notes with the help of a query. The borrower must agree to this query in writing.

Finally, it is important that the borrower has a permanent place of residence in Germany, can prove his identity and is also at least 18 years old. Many banks specify the maximum age limit for a loan without a second applicant when they retire.

If the individual borrower can meet all of these requirements, it should not be too difficult to issue a loan without 2 applicants.

General borrowing tips

General borrowing tips

Nowadays you no longer take out a loan without having carried out a detailed comparison beforehand. This also applies to a loan without 2 applicants. The comparison not only shows the best offers, but also where they can be found and how they can be requested. Mostly directly on the Internet, because they are offers from direct banks or because the traditional banks have also discovered the Internet for themselves and want to bring their products to customers in this way with little effort.

It is important that the comparison not only looks at the annual percentage rate, which indicates how expensive a loan is, but also at the repayment conditions, which should be as flexible as possible so that they can be adjusted to the borrower. Only then is the loan offer good and can it be classified as worthwhile.

How Much Does Your Loan Cost – Calculate for the entire term

The cost of a loan always includes interest. In addition, setup fees and monthly newspaper fees may apply. All these costs together during all the years that you pay off on the loan constitute the total cost of the loan. It is important to look closely at this figure and not just look at the expenses for interest and amortization per month. By collecting loans, costs can sometimes be lowered. The total cost is what you pay instead of paying cash today.


A little every month gets a lot over time


An average private loan (about $ 100,000) runs on an average of 7-8 years with an average interest rate of 7%. This gives a monthly cost of around $ 1500. It is a cost that most people have no problem paying and a cost that is not perceived as so great in comparison to the advantage of getting $ 100,000 cash in hand right away.

However, this small monthly cost (interest and amortization) becomes large sums over the entire term of the loan.

Example: The interest cost for a loan of $ 100,000 that runs at 7% interest over 8 years will be $ 29,859. If newspaper fees are added, the total cost will be even higher. So you pay close to $ 30,000 to get $ 100,000 paid today.

If you have a poor economy, and may even be burdened with payment remarks, you will be forced to pay a significantly higher interest rate, probably up to 25%. In such a case (if you can now at all borrow with a payment note), the interest cost will be $ 115 509, that is, more than twice as much as the loan amount itself. In addition, the loan amount itself must also be repaid through repayments.

Most lenders with websites online can easily see examples of both monthly cost and total cost for different loan amounts and maturities. So you do not need to do any complicated calculations on your own. However, you should note that this is just an example. The interest rate you are offered, and what monthly cost you receive, is always determined in an individual trial.

If you want to count yourself there are quite complicated formulas to use. To quickly get a simpler picture of the total cost you can do as below. Note that the less accurate calculation will give a total sum that exceeds the actual. However, the differences are not astronomical.
1. Multiply the interest rate by the loan amount (year 1) – for example $ 0.07 x 100,000.
2. Subtract twelve months of debt repayments – for example 100,000/96 (8 years maturity) = $ 12,500
3. Multiply the interest rate by the loan amount (year 2) – for example $ 0.07 x 87 500
4. Continue with the calculations for the entire term.
5. Add all interest together to get the total interest cost. Add the loan amount to see what you will repay in total during the term.


How to lower the total cost directly

loan costs

To pay more than twice as much as the loan amount in interest only in one of the above examples is probably not so attractive. Overall, you probably want to bring down the total costs as far as possible. You basically have three options to use, namely:

  • Borrow a little less than you intended
  • Enter a shorter payback time
  • Compare interest rates and choose the cheapest option

A smaller loan amount gives lower interest costs. Therefore, it may be an idea to think carefully about exactly how much you need to borrow. Every thousand dollars you can cut in the loan amount gives quite a big effect over time. The repayment period is also central. If you choose a longer maturity, you will, in total, pay more in interest against the fact that your monthly cost will be lower. The total cost can actually be several thousand dollars higher.

Finally, it is obviously not a stupid idea to compare different lenders and different offers. Different lenders have different price levels and the reason is basically the requirements for creditworthiness and ability to pay they set up. Going through a loan broker is a simple and easy way to quickly compare offers. If you want to know more about creditworthiness, please see our loan guide.


This is how you lower interest costs on an existing loan

This is how you lower interest costs on an existing loan

The possibilities of negotiating lower interest costs with your current lender should be very small. You may be able to do so if the lender is a complete bank and you are looking to add further commitment, but the probability is small. In order to hedge interest costs on an existing loan, there are two other ways to go, namely:
1. Pay off more on the loan
2. Compare private loans and switch to other lenders

Through repayments, you reduce the so-called capital debt. Each time you repay, the debt on which interest is calculated decreases. This reduces the total interest cost. If you have the opportunity to make extra payments from time to time, you can greatly affect the costs.

As with new subscriptions, you can also compare offers when you have an existing loan. If you are able to get a lower interest rate from another lender, it is usually an easy thing to move your loan. The new player can usually help with all the practicalities.

Payday Loans: Are You Qualified?

In today’s Denmark, it has become customary to take out payday loans of all sizes. Where people lend her money, however, is far different. Before you can even be considered for a loan, some basic requirements must be met. Read on here and avoid contacting the bank or the loan provider in vain.

You may not be registered with Real Credit Institute

As soon as the bank or loan company finds out that you are in RCI, it is almost impossible to get a loan. Being registered with RCI means that other companies have had bad experiences with you as a payer. This could be either because you have refused to pay a bill, despite various reminders and debt collection fees, or that you have failed to meet deadlines on previous loans.

Once you have registered in RCI, you can only get out of the register by either paying off your debt, or you have to wait five years before you are deleted from the database. Avoid putting yourself in this situation and pay your bills and loan providers on time. Otherwise, borrowing money is not an option.

You live in Denmark

You live in Denmark

Not only do you have to have an address in the country, you also need a residence permit or work permit. Some loan companies even require you to be a Danish citizen. If you are a Danish citizen, you should not experience any problems in taking out private loans if your finances can withstand it.

The reason why the loan companies ask for this is to avoid people coming to the country and borrowing money, after which they flee the country with the borrowed money. Furthermore, in order for the bank or loan company to feel confident that this is not happening, they may require you to have a Danish bank account with NemID, a Danish telephone number and an active e-mail address.


There may be age requirements

There may be age requirements

The minimum requirement from most of the loan companies and banks is that you are a legal person, ie 18 years. Some loan providers require that you be at least 21 years of age before you can, for example, be granted a consumer loan. The reason this varies from loan provider to loan provider is that there is generally a greater risk of lending money to young people, rather than lending money to families with an established economy.

The loan providers who are willing to lend money to an 18-year-old are thus at greater risk than those who set the minimum age for a loan for 21 years.


The bank places higher demands

The bank places higher demands

If you need to borrow a larger amount, it is a good idea to have a talk with your bank advisor. As a rule, the bank can grant the large loans at the most favorable interest rates. The downside of borrowing money from the bank is that they make additional demands on the borrower, and therefore not everyone goes through the needle eye.

If you have to borrow a large amount for, for example, a home or a car, the bank will typically require you to provide security in the investment you are making or that you have a guarantor who can be liable if you default on the loan. Likewise, banks may set a minimum income that the borrower must meet before the loan can be paid off. These factors make the loan process considerably longer, however, you can borrow a lot of money at a relatively low interest rate.

If you meet the above conditions, you have good prerequisites to get a loan.

How to Build a Positive Credit History?

Credit history is nothing but the testimony of our past contacts with the bank and the details of cooperation . If in the past we have fulfilled our consumer obligations (we have timely repaid loans or we have not been delaying the repayment of the loan), our credit history will be positive. 

Therefore, if we think about taking out a loan to achieve our dream goals, we must take care not only of our creditworthiness, i.e. the amount of income earned and stable employment, but also of the credit history that is clean and undiluted without any delay. We’ve checked how to do it.


Pay your liabilities in a timely manner 

If you already have credit commitments, make sure that you pay them back in time and without problems until the very end. There is nothing worse for your credit history than the delay in repayment of the loan installment . 

The Credit Information Bureau itself confirms the information that it is the emergence of arrears and delays in repayment of liabilities that is the factor that most strongly affects our credit history. 

The timeliness of repayment of liabilities is the most important parameter for calculating bank scoring , ie the point consumer assessment performed by BIK and in the context of which all bank analysts process credit applications. Remembering this, try to pay off your liabilities in a timely manner.

Get to know each other 

If you do not have any loan commitments, you do not have to worry about paying them off on time, but at the same time you can be sure that you will remain anonymous for an unprofitable Consumer loan . 

As we have already pointed out – being a user of the financial market, you can show one of three credit histories: good, bad or none. Contrary to appearances, the last of them is not at all “neutral”, but unfavorably affecting your consumer credibility. 

If you do not show any credit history, banks will not know what they can expect from you . Bank analysts who are debating the approval of your loan application will not be able to resist in their analyzes and will do the safest – they will give a negative credit decision. 

Therefore, if you want to build a good credit history – let yourself be known. How to do it? We write about it in the following paragraphs.

Make a credit card 

Make a credit card 

The first way to enter BIK or simply improve your credit history among Consumers who already have certain liabilities is nothing else but getting a credit card. 

Many users of the Polish financial market refuse to submit an application for a credit card, considering it an unnecessary threat and a direct cause of many financial problems. 

However, the credit card is not evil in its very essence. It was created for a good purpose, and the fact that many people are indebted just using it is not the fault of the card, but of the Consumers. In order to have the benefits of using a credit card, it is enough to use it wisely – pay off the debt within the deadline set by the bank and not use it continually.

Apply for a debit on the invoice 

debit application

Another way to increase your positive activity in BIK is to apply for the possibility of debiting with your personal account. Debit connected to the account is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate consumer responsibility and to be trustworthy on the part of the future Lender. 

Banks usually grant debits for several thousand zlotys, but even the lowest debit will be visible in BIK as your credit obligation. With a debit on the account, you can systematically generate a small debt and repay it – or not to debit at all and thereby build the opinion of a reliable customer who, although able to do so, fights temptation and does not indebt yourself on the debt. 

Both ways of using debit are just as good and will result in an improvement in our credit history. However, if we decide on “variant 1”, i.e. using debit, it is worth to indebt yourself for small amounts and only once every few months. Otherwise, the bank may think that we do not deal with our finances and, as a consequence, give us a bad opinion of cooperation.

Take out small loans 

Take out small loans 

To build a positive story at BIK fine loans for any purpose may be of great benefit. Although it sounds quite strange (debt to improve consumer credibility?), It really works in favor of our banking and credit reputation. 

Small loans can be spent on buying long-desired items or on financing your current needs and household expenses. Thanks to the use of such a loan, we will bake two birds with one stone – we will not only meet our consumption needs, but thanks to the timely repayment of the obligation we will earn a good consumer rating. 

However, it is worth remembering that when borrowing only in terms of building a positive credit history, it is worth checking in advance whether we will be able to pay for it in a timely manner and without any problems .

Buy in installments 

Buy in installments 

An alternative to borrowing for any consumption purpose can simply be to make a purchase in installments. In this way, many Consumers decide to buy their own home appliances, furniture or even jewelry – without even knowing that they are improving their own credit history. 

The purchase of equipment in installments can have a positive impact on our consumer assessment only if we try to timely repay the entire liability . The use of such an offer may be very beneficial in these times, as many stores offer low-interest installments. 

Most sellers allow you to spread the cost of purchase for a dozen (sometimes several dozen!) Low-interest installments. Sometimes you can also come across 0% offers. So before we decide to make an installment, it is worth looking for a good offer, which we will not overpay.

If you can, have more than one commitment 


Although this advice sounds quite unusual, it is worth delving into its essence to understand what a big role it plays in building a good credit history. 

Taking several loans at once and taking on more than one financial commitment is not about getting entangled in a spiral of debt (though unfortunately many irresponsible Consumers just end it), but about proving to the bank that we are able to manage many parallel debts and not We have a problem with this. 

So if you consider yourself a responsible and trustworthy consumer , try to make two small commitments at the same time or combine one loan with the debit on your account. By paying off both liabilities in the due date, you will gain positive points for your consumer rating .

If you have delays – contact your bank immediately. 

If you have delays - contact your bank immediately. 

Even the most responsible Borrowers sometimes have problems with timely repayment of debt. This is not surprising, because each of us has a lot of life and once again accuses us of unexpected expenditures, which we have to worry about ourselves with cashing. 

So if we find ourselves in a difficult financial situation and we have problems with settling loan installments, the first thing we should do is contact the bank immediately . All you need to do is call your lender and explain the difficult situation for us. 

The bank’s employees are also people at the end and they understand that each of us has worse times. Joint forces will surely reach a mutually advantageous agreement – extending the loan repayment period or temporary suspension of installments. Most importantly – our initiative will show the lender that we do not run away from responsibility and are trustworthy .

Revoke consent to the processing of information about problem loans 

loan problem

The Credit Information Bureau collects and stores data on all financial liabilities we incur . While in the case of loans repaid on time, this is positive information, so in the situation of delayed repayments a problem arises. 

If we allow delays in repayment of more than 60 days , the information about such a fault will go to BIK for good and will weigh on our credit history. Is there any way out of this situation? 

Of course! All you need to do is to withdraw your consent to BIK processing information about the loan . Although according to the current provisions, BIK has the obligation to store such data for 5 years, by withdrawing consent to data processing, it will be possible to delete entries about our delays after 5 years .

Check data in BIK and react on a regular basis 

Check data in BIK and react on a regular basis 

Each Consumer who cares about a positive credit history should at least once a year take advantage of the opportunity to check his credit rating at BIK. 

When planning to file a loan dispute application, it’s a good idea to get a BIK report about yourself , including not only the consumer’s score, but also information about all of our credit commitments. 

All About Fast Consumer Credit

Consumer credit is a debt that a person incurs when buying a good or service. Consumer credit includes purchases made with credit cards, lines of credit and certain loans. Consumer credit is also known as consumer debt. Now, we can get it online and quickly.


How to explain fast consumer credit?

How to explain fast consumer credit?

Consumer credit is the type of credit that consumers use to buy cars, pay for education, finance travel, and so on. but it does not include the debts contracted for margin purchases or the acquisition of real estate. For example, a mortgage loan is not a consumer credit. However, the 65-inch high-definition TV billed on a credit card is one. Consumer credit allows borrowers to obtain an advance or a loan to spend money on products or services intended for family, household or personal uses, reimbursed at a specified later date. Retailers, department stores, banks and other financial institutions offer consumer credit in the form of a revolving credit in most cases.


Why subscribe to a consumer loan online?

Why subscribe to a consumer loan online?

The main benefit of rapid consumer credit is that consumers can buy goods and services and pay for them later. The whole process (from the credit application to the receipt of the sum) is done online and the answer is almost immediate. Loan companies are used to studying the files of credit applicants to assess their repayment capacity. This poses big problems if the need is really urgent. The fast online credit then becomes a very practical and advantageous option. In just a few clicks, the loan applicant can contact a bank advisor and apply for specific financing under attractive conditions.


How to receive a loan as soon as possible?

How to receive a loan as soon as possible?

First you need to identify the lending institution online and simulate credit. Appropriate loan proposals will then be submitted to the borrower. If one of the options that presents itself conquers it, it will have to send to the lender (proposing the interesting offer) supporting documents including: his RIB, his identity document and his proof of housing. An answer will be delivered within 24 to 72 hours.


What are the risks of applying for an online loan?

What are the risks of applying for an online loan?

The main disadvantage of using fast consumer credit is the cost. If a consumer does not repay a loan, it affects their credit ratings, affects terms and conditions, and causes late fees and penalties. In addition, the site may not be secure. This presents risks as personal information is disclosed. You should see a small padlock symbol next to the site URL. Most reputable lenders also have a badge or icon that displays their security certification.

Home Improvement Loans – Become Wiser About Your Options

Are you in a situation where you have to borrow for renovation of a house or apartment? Whether you need to go through your bank or a mortgage institution, there is a solution for you.
The loan you can take depends on the value of your home. At Redcore Knight we have compiled the options available to you so that you can get an overview of loans for renovations.


Asset value assessment

Asset value assessment

Before you have to ask for a loan for renovation, you must have assessed the value of your home. The purpose of this is to get an assessment of what options you have for taking out a loan.

An example is that your property is valued at DKK 3 million. and you owe DKK 1 million. DKK in mortgages on the property. In this case, you want 2 million. in fair value.

In the case of a mortgage, you can mortgage your outstanding value by 80% ie. 1.6 million in this case.
You can borrow this free value through a mortgage institution under normal conditions. If a loan under normal terms does not provide a sufficient loan for redevelopment, you can make use of a medium loan.


What is a Medium Financing?

What is a Medium Financing?

One can look at intermediate financing as a temporary cash credit. This ensures the financing of your home renovation until a concrete income comes. This could, for example. be until your mortgage financing falls into place.

There are two different options to borrow money for renovation:

  • advance loans
  • Building loans

advance loans

This is, in principle, an ordinary mortgage loan, and this is taken up before construction begins. They are put into a closed account in the bank and from there the money is continuously transferred to the contractor you hired for the renovation.

Since the loan is disbursed before the renovation is complete, the mortgage lender has no guarantee for the loan. This is where the institution usually requires a guarantee from the bank and this price may vary depending on the size of the loan. The price depends on the size of the loan you take, however, there are some fees that are set from the start:

The downside is that you pay off the installments and interest on the loan during the renovation period. There may also be unforeseen expenses and this may mean that you will need to take out an additional loan.

The advantage of an advance loan is that you know from the beginning the final cost of the loan. In addition, the interest rate is usually lower than it would be on a construction loan.


New rules on Craftsman deduction

New rules on Craftsman deduction

When you get a craftsman to do something in private, you can deduct it from SKAT. With the new changes in 2016/2017, focus has been on what is called “green craft services”

The new scheme can provide a deduction of up to DKK 6,000 for services and if you get green handicraft services, such as floor insulation, for lower heat consumption, you can deduct up to DKK 12,000.

With the new law, you will no longer be able to get a deduction for non-green services, such as kitchen and bath remodeling. At Greenhorn you can find and compare solutions for green services for the private.

There are plenty of options when you need to borrow for renovation. Whether you need to use your indemnity or a consumer loan is up to you. But it may be a good idea for you to contact your bank advisor and hear about the options.

What Causes a Negative Credit History?

When planning to file a loan dispute application, it’s a good idea to get a BIK report about yourself , including not only the consumer’s score, but also information about all of our credit commitments. 

It happens that banks update data about their Consumers in BIK without haste. It happens that we will pay off our loans a long time ago, but BIK still does not know about it and displays information about the obligations incurring on our neck. In this case, it is worth filing a complaint with the bank and requesting the transmission of up-to-date information to BIK.

A negative credit decision. 

Therefore, we prepared a list of the most frequently reported reasons, which influenced our credit history and influenced its negative assessment.

No timely payment 

credit problem

The main reason why our credit history is getting a negative rating is any delay in paying off your liabilities. There is nothing worse for our creditworthiness than late payment of loans and other financial products . 

BIK himself confirmed the information that it is the emergence of arrears and delays in repayment of all financial liabilities that is the factor that most strongly affects our credit history. 

The timeliness of repayment of liabilities is the most important parameter for calculating banking scoring , through the prism of which all analysts consider loan applications. So if we receive a negative credit decision, there is a good chance that the reason for this was the old delays in repayment.

Difficult contact with the Consumer 

credit problem

Even the most responsible clients of banks sometimes have problems with timely repayment of debt. So if we find ourselves in a difficult financial situation, the first thing we should do is contact the bank immediately . 

To avoid serious consequences of our delay in repayment, in most cases you only need to call your lender, explain the situation to him and, if necessary, document the reasons for it – for example, terminate dismissal or send confirmation of expensive treatment. 

When showing the initiative, we will certainly be able to negotiate a favorable agreement with the bank (eg holiday suspension of installments). However, if we do not only contact the lender, but also sell his calls or letters, we will quickly earn a negative consumer opinion .

Exceeding credit limits 

credit card limit

Our credit history is also affected by the fact that we have exceeded the credit lines granted to us by banks (debits on the savings and settlement account or credit cards).

That is why, if we decide to open a debit or make a credit card, we should use these products in a wise and thoughtful way . 

It is not true that if we have a debit granted, we can use it at will without consequences. The degree of utilization of the available limits affects our banking scoring . There is no problem if we use the available limit once every few months, but if the situation is repeated constantly, the bank will decide that we can not deal with finances and give us a bad opinion .

Falling into the spiral of debt 

fall into debt

The negative assessment of our creditworthiness is significant, if not primarily influenced by the loss of control over our finances and multi-level indebtedness resulting in numerous delays in repayment . 

People who fall into a spiral of debt usually decide to take out new loans, not coping with the repayment of their original obligations. Secondly, borrowed money is trying to regulate current fees, but the trail after all the loans taken is left to BIK. 

As a result of multi-stage borrowing of cash, Consumer debt is not only diminishing, but also growing. Subsequent loans generate further, even higher interest rates, and even if we manage to get out of this spiral of debt, the banks will know that once we have lost our sense and control over the money, it can happen again . Hence the negative assessment of our credit history.


The last point, which – although many seem to be unobvious – strongly affects the negative credit rating of our person, is the lack of any credit history. 

A zero credit history is a negative credit history . If you do not show information about your previous cooperation with the bank and the actions taken, and so generally speaking – the credit history, banks will not know what they can expect from you. 

Credit analysts debating the approval of your loan application will not have anything to resist in their analysis and will do the safest thing – they will give a negative credit decision. In order to count on a positive consideration of the application, you must be known at BIK and have liabilities settled or still paid .

Cheap Credit: Finding the Cheapest Consumer Credit

The French are increasingly using consumer credit. To know that subscribe a cheap credit online gives the possibility to access a financing with more simplicity. Whether to buy, renovate or equip a house or simply to support themselves, financial organizations can grant you a credit to carry out your project for the repayment of the amount of money borrowed with any interest. As many banks and credit agencies offer this type of offer, it is better to choose the one that suits their needs, as well as the best offer with the best rate.


Where can I find the best credit offer?

Where can I find the best credit offer?

Given the multitude of financial and credit organizations that can be found online, it is very difficult to choose the cheapest credit without playing the competition. Countless lending institutions abound on the internet that one gets lost quickly. Not to mention the different types of credit offered by the banks: auto credit, credit work, personal loan, etc.

Fortunately, there are credit simulators that make it easy to find cheap credit. Thanks to these tools, it is quite possible to compare several credit offers in a few minutes. All you have to do is choose the credit institution that offers the discount credit adapted to your needs.


Checklist to choose a cheap personal loan

Checklist to choose a cheap personal loan

When you compare online credit offers. It is important to check these points to try to find the best offer.

  • The credit amount: For a consumer credit, know that you can borrow from € 200 to € 75,000. The interest rate and the total cost of your credit will depend on the amount you want to borrow.
  • Duration of credit: Depending on the amount of your loan, you can repay it over a period of 3 to 60 months. Note, however, that the interest rate will vary depending on the length of repayment you choose.
  • The annual percentage rate of charge: The APR includes interest and all the costs related to your credit. You must be careful because this rate is representative of the total cost of your credit.
  • Monthly payments: Feel free to choose the monthly payments that corresponds to your repayment capacity.
  • The total cost of credit represents the total amount you will have to pay to finance your loan.
  • The cost of file fees: Some organizations offer loans without fees, that is to say that the subscription is free. Others, however, apply additional fees that you must include in the total cost of your credit.