September 19, 2021

NBA News: Spencer Dinwiddie becomes Bradley Beal’s sidekick on Wizards

Last season, the Washington Wizards rocked the stars of their roster. After having had a superstar duo of Bradley Beal and John Wall for so many years, the Wizards traded Wall for Houston Rockets veteran Russell Westbrook.

The Westbrook-Beal combo struggled early in the year, but they managed to lead Washington to the playoffs. After clinching the eighth seed, the Wizards’ playoff race lasted just five games when they failed at the Sixers.

After changes were made to the coaching staff, Westbrook wanted another fresh start for the third time in three years. As a result, the Wizards traded veteran custody to the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft.

The decision to move Westbrook came just as rumors were circulating that Bradley Beal may request his own trade. However, on the night of Westbrook’s trade, reports indicated that Beal was content to stay in Washington. To keep him happy, the Wizards have made it clear that they will be looking for another star to surround Beal.

Washington got its guy on Wednesday. In a multi-team trade, the Wizards struck a deal to land Brooklyn Nets goalie Spencer Dinwiddie in a signing-and-swap deal. According to Tim Bontemps of ESPN, Dinwiddie receives a three-year contract worth “nearly” $ 60 million.

After a season-ending knee injury, Dinwiddie only appeared in three clashes last year. He averaged 21 minutes on the floor and scored just six points per game during that span. While his small sample size last season is not to be overlooked, Dinwiddie has proven he can be special during the 2019-20 season.

As of 49 of 64 clashes, Dinwiddie averaged over 30 minutes on the ground two seasons ago when in good health. He reached a career-high 20.6 points per game and recorded 6.8 assists. He may not have an All-Star CV, but the 28-year-old veteran may well team up with Beal, who needed another notable sidekick for next year.

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